Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Obama's mythography: An Orwellian disaster

President Barack Obama's Orwellian rhetoric has become absolutely pathological. And it's become so blatant that you can almost guarantee that the truth is the exact opposite of what he says. To wit:

The president insisted he had no intention of taking over Chrysler and General Motors.

He did.

The president calls "cap-and-trade" environmental legislation a "market-based" approach, based on "sound science."

It is not.

The president claims his health care reform plan is not "socialized medicine."

It is.

He claims it won't harm private insurance.

It will.

He claims service won't be rationed.

But to control costs as he proposes, it must be. (Even top aides concede the point.)

Mr. Obama says he supports "democracy" in Latin America.

How can he? He also supports the Marxist ways of Manuel Zelaya, legally removed from Honduras' presidency by the constitutional actions of the legislative and judicial branches.

And the examples of this president's mythography go on and on.

Some will dismiss Barack Obama's pronouncements merely as "rhetoric" and "posturing." "Everybody does it," they'll say. "It's politics."

But this is different and decidedly more dangerous: The president of the United States says one thing and does another and claims things that cannot possibly be.

Whether by delusion or by design, Barack Obama is being dishonest with the American people. And that is a harbinger of national disaster.




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