Friday, May 29, 2009

Letter to Representative Ding Dong

Dear Representative Ding Dong,


I am disturbed and dismayed at the reckless and dangerous course administration and the congress has set this country on.  Currently the US Debt Obligation is 63.8 Trillion.  Yes, that’s TRILLION DOLLARS!!!  In case you are unaware a trillion dollars is substantially more than a million dollars.  Look it up. 


This recklessness directly negatively affects our national security, national sovereignty and of course our individual liberties.  Never before in the history of this country has the administration and the congress, you included, set such a destructive course.


My household portion of this debt is $546,668.  Unlike you I work for a living doing honest work and pay my own way.  I pay my obligations, but unfortunately you and your cohorts are dumping more debt on me in a reckless and wasteful manner and at an ever increasing pace. 


These facts underlie some basic questions.  What exactly do you represent???  Do you represent malfeasance??? Do you represent reckless fiscal policy??? Do you represent the destruction of personal liberty???  Do you represent your constituents???  Do you represent fascism or socialism???  Do you represent your party???  Do you represent yourself??? Are you drunk with power???  Are you careless or stupid???


We the people do not exist to provide the fruits of our labor to the government.  This is contrary to the basic tenants of liberty which our constitution reserves to the people.  The constitution, in case you have forgotten, is that thing that the congress has taken to use as toilet paper.  I would suggest that you read it before use.  But I digress, we are not servants, our labor and the fruit of our labor belongs to us, not to the government.  Anything less is forced servitude or slavery.  I was born free in a free country.  I want to die as a free person leaving a free country to my children.


Finally, I should remind you that your salary, your special congressional health insurance, special congressional pension plan and all of the perks you receive are paid for by us. 


You work for us; we do not work for you!!!





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